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Column to Comma Converter By Devsheet

You can easily convert your column values to comma separated values using this tool. Sometimes you have large columns which you need to convert to comma separated line or you want to use custom separator to make the data. Column to Comma Converter tool can do that easliy. You just need to paste or write your values one by one in new line and the tool will generate the final data in real time. You can also define your separator that you want to use and the tool will generate the data based on that separator.

How it works

Just paste your data in the left editor of the tool or you can write your data manually in the editor which is also capable of finding values or replacing them with other values. As you paste or type the data in the left editor, it will automatically create you the data with comma separation by default or there is also an input field in the right section of the tool and this will convert the column values based on that defined separator. The data which is generated in the right section is also editable and you can also edit it before copying it.

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