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Change autoCompleteTypes parameter in Google Autocomplete

achajon281D / May 25, 2023

The autoCompleteTypes parameter in Google Autocomplete is used to restrict the results to a specific type of place. The value of the parameter is a comma-separated list of type names

Draw bounding box

bahuy / May 25, 2023

Code to draw bbox

Flutter - Check if Index exist in a List

Devsheet / May 23, 2023

In this code example, we are going to check if a given index exists in a Flutter List or not. We will be using different methods in order to do that.

How to convert String to Int in Flutter

Devsheet / May 19, 2023

To convert a string to an integer in Flutter, you can use the int.parse() method or the int.tryParse() method.

Flutter - Trim a String

Devsheet / May 19, 2023

In Flutter, you can trim a string using the trim() method provided by the Dart programming language. The trim() method removes any leading and trailing whitespace characters from the string.

Flutter - ScrollController not attached to any scroll views

Devsheet / May 19, 2023

If you are getting error - ScrollController not attached to any scroll views in your Flutter project then you can you can add the check for _scrollController.hasClients before using ScrollController.

sve config dev

use this to download / plan / publish sve config on dev. Just change the command name. You also need to navigate to systems/sve.

TextField Widget Padding in Flutter

Devsheet / April 21, 2023

In Flutter, if you want to add padding in the TextField Widget you can use the contentPadding property. You can assign EdgeInserts to it to add a padding.

filter-Elite software solutions

abdulbasith / April 17, 2023

inp = [ {name: 'firstname', value: 'johndoe'}, {name: 'age', value: '28'}, {name: 'language', value: 'English'}, {name: 'language', value: 'Tamil'}, {name: 'language', value: 'Hindi'}, ]; Expected Output - { firstname: 'johndoe', age: '28', language: ['English', 'Tamil', 'Hindi'] }

JavaScript Query String

myomyintaung064C35B / April 16, 2023

Generate the URL query string by passing Objects

How to make HTTP requests using Javascript Only

Devsheet / April 13, 2023

In JavaScript, you can make an HTTP request using the built-in XMLHttpRequest object or the new fetch() function. We will explain all methods in this post.

Remove Back Button from Flutter Appbar

Devsheet / April 4, 2023

In Flutter, the AppBar widget provides a default back button that allows the user to navigate back to the previous screen. However, there may be cases where you don't want to show this back button.

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