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Outlined Button Styling in Flutter

Devsheet / June 19, 2023

In this post, we are going to explain different methods that can be used to style an Outlined Button in Flutter.

Splash screen icon and color in Flutter

Devsheet / June 13, 2023

In this code example, we are going to show how you can change or add icon and color to the launcher or splash screen in Flutter.

List in reverse

aamnaebrahim68AB42 / June 12, 2023

This snippet will allow you to create a list in reverse

Change autoCompleteTypes parameter in Google Autocomplete

achajon281D / May 25, 2023

The autoCompleteTypes parameter in Google Autocomplete is used to restrict the results to a specific type of place. The value of the parameter is a comma-separated list of type names

Draw bounding box

bahuy / May 25, 2023

Code to draw bbox

Flutter - Check if Index exist in a List

Devsheet / May 23, 2023

In this code example, we are going to check if a given index exists in a Flutter List or not. We will be using different methods in order to do that.

How to convert String to Int in Flutter

Devsheet / May 19, 2023

To convert a string to an integer in Flutter, you can use the int.parse() method or the int.tryParse() method.

Flutter - Trim a String

Devsheet / May 19, 2023

In Flutter, you can trim a string using the trim() method provided by the Dart programming language. The trim() method removes any leading and trailing whitespace characters from the string.

Flutter - ScrollController not attached to any scroll views

Devsheet / May 19, 2023

If you are getting error - ScrollController not attached to any scroll views in your Flutter project then you can you can add the check for _scrollController.hasClients before using ScrollController.

sve config dev

use this to download / plan / publish sve config on dev. Just change the command name. You also need to navigate to systems/sve.

TextField Widget Padding in Flutter

Devsheet / April 21, 2023

In Flutter, if you want to add padding in the TextField Widget you can use the contentPadding property. You can assign EdgeInserts to it to add a padding.

filter-Elite software solutions

abdulbasith / April 17, 2023

inp = [ {name: 'firstname', value: 'johndoe'}, {name: 'age', value: '28'}, {name: 'language', value: 'English'}, {name: 'language', value: 'Tamil'}, {name: 'language', value: 'Hindi'}, ]; Expected Output - { firstname: 'johndoe', age: '28', language: ['English', 'Tamil', 'Hindi'] }

JavaScript Query String

myomyintaung064C35B / April 16, 2023

Generate the URL query string by passing Objects

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