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JSON Beautifier, JSON Viewer, JSON Validator By Devsheet

The JSON Viewer tool by Devsheet provides you the functionality to prettify your JSON, validate the JSON by showing realtime errors if the JSON format is not valid. The tool will show realtime errors and suggestions to correct them easily with the line number where the error is occured. If your JSON Streucture is valid then it will generate the JSON Tree for you and you can check the JSON Tree while changing the JSON in the JSON Editor. Below are the features and using guides that you will find in this tool.

How it works

You can paste or write your JSON in JSON editor and it will generate the JSON Tree based on that. When you paste the JSON it will automatically Format that JSON and show you errors if there is any. You can also format your JSON by click clicking on Format JSON button. If y0u want to clear all the JSON and want to reset all the functionality then you can click on "Clear All" button. It will remove all the JSON data and auto generated JSON tree. You can use nested JSON in JSON Editor and it can have multi levels. The tool is capable to create the structure based of multi level formation of your JSON data. If you want to search anything in the JSON you can press Ctrl + F in windows and Command+F in Mac. You can also initiate find process by clicking on 'Find/Replace' button. It will highlight the text in the JSON editor that you are searching for. To replace some text with another text the same process can be followed and you can enter your replace text in replace text box. You can expand and collapse the auto generated JSON Tree by clicking on "Expand/Collapse JSON Tree" button.

Online JSON Beautifier

The JSON editor integrated in this online JSON Viewer tool can format or prettify you JSON data. You can prettify your JSON data in JSON editor by directly pasting it to the JSON editor or you can write your JSON there. The auto format command will be executed when you paste your JSON or if you are creating your JSON in the JSON editor then you can click on Format JSON button. The JSON editor will beautify your JSON with a tab indent 4 and the JSON code will look systematic and readable in the JSON editor. We have integrated Monaco editor to create the JSON editor that you will find it more comfortable if you have used VS code for development. But if you have not used it, it will be easily understandable.

JSON Tree View

One of the useful feature of this Online JSON Viewer tool is that it can generate auto JSON tree that is easily readable. The JSON tree is updated in realtime means if you change any structure or text in the JSON Editor it will automatically update. You don't need to do anything to create or update the JSON tree.

JSON Validator

You can easily validate your JSON by pasting or writing JSON in JSON editor. It will show you error with the line number where the error occured. It will also suggesst you to change in your JSON to make it correct. If there is any error in your JSON it will highlight that part so that the error can be found easily.

Minify JSON

You can minify your JSON using Devsheet JSON viewer. To minify the JSON, paste or write your JSON inside JSON editor and click on 'Minify JSON' button. Now you can copy the minified JSON from JSON editor.