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SQL Formatter Online

SQL Formatter Online tool by Devsheet can format your SQL code in real-time. You just need to paste your SQL code to the left side editor and it will format your SQL query. It can be a small SQL query or a large SQL query that can be formatted using this online tool. You can also write your SQL query in the left side editor and click on the "Format SQL" button and you will see a formatted SQL code in the right side editor.
You can also edit your SQL query in the right side editor of the tool which is powered by Monaco editor and also has IntelliSense of SQL. You can also select whether you want to convert your SQL query statements to uppercase or lowercase by selecting the "Uppercase" checkbox in the left-side editor.

SQL Beautify Online

The tool can beautify your SQL code and structure them in a way that can increase the readability of your SQL query. If it is a long SQL query then it will beautify the overall code for you can you can also edit and make changes to your SQL query in the main editor.

SQL Formatter Online Tool Usecase

The SQL Formatter Online tool can be used for various purposes if you are writing big or small SQL queries. When you write a SQL query and it contains multiple joins or other SQL statements, it may be difficult to arrange the code and make it readable at first. You can use the SQL Formatter Online tool to make it more structured and readable.
Also, when you are provided a long SQL Query from other programmers and you want to understand it then it may be difficult for you to understand it when it is not formatted. Here, the SQL Formatter Online tool will be very useful. It will format that code and make it easy for you to understand that SQL code easily.