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Support for password authentication was removed on August 13, 2021. Please use a personal access token instead - git push error

When I try to push to my git repository it is showing an error in the terminal.

 unable to access '': The requested URL returned error: 403

1 Answers

First Create the Developer Access token

You need to create an access token from your github account. This will be used as the password in future. To generate a Personal access token follow the below steps

1. Login to your account at and click on your profile icon on the right. This will open a dropdown. Click on setting from menu items.

2. Go to Developer Settings > Personal Access Token > Generate New Token.

3. Fill the form and select necessary items that needs to be required as a permission to this access token.

4. Click on generate token

5. Copy the generated token.

Add token as password on MAC OS

1. Open Spotlight Search - You can open it by pressing the command + space key or by clicking the search icon on the top-right menu icon on MAC OS.

2. Type Keychain access in the search box and type enter.

3. Search for in the keychain access list. It will also show internet password after text.

4. Double click on this and click on show password checkbox and when the password input tex tbox is enabled paste the Personal access Token in this field and click on save changes.

5. Now retry git commands in the terminal and it will not show the errors. Cheers!

Add token as password on Windows

1. Open credentials manager by going to control panel > Windows Credentials

2. Find git: there and click on Edit.

3. Replace your password with Personal Access Token of github

4. Done.

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