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Django - invalid http_host header you may need to add to allowed_hosts

This error message is a security feature in Django that is designed to prevent HTTP Host header attacks. It occurs when the Host header in an incoming request does not match any of the values in the ALLOWED_HOSTS setting in your Django project's settings.

Include a template in another template Django

When building a website, there are often common elements that are used on multiple pages. Rather than duplicate code, a template can be created that includes the common elements, and then that template can be included in other templates as needed.

Django: How to Delete All Rows from a Table

If you need to delete all the rows from a table in Django, there are a few different ways you can do it. In this article, we'll show you how to delete all rows from a table in Django using the Django ORM, as well as how to delete all rows from a table using raw SQL.

Encrypt a password field in Django models

If you are saving passwords in your application created using Python Django and want to encrypt passwords to secure them, you can use the make_password() method for that.

Create a password field in Django model

The methods explained in this post can be used to create a password field in the forms created using the Django model.

Allow or limit a view to superuser only Django

If you want to allow or limit a view to superuser only in Django, you can use the @ user_passes_test decorator. This decorator will check if the user is logged in and is a superuser. If not, it will redirect the user to the login page.

Create or save object data in Django

You can use the code examples explained in this post to create and save data in Django. You just need to create the instance of the model in which you want to put the data.

Retrieving all objects in Django

The Django framework makes it easy to retrieve objects from the database. In this article, we'll look at how to retrieve all objects from a database in Django. We'll also look at how to filter objects based on certain criteria.

Database migration commands in django

If you are looking to migrate your database in Django, there are a few commands you can use. These commands will help you migrate your data from one database to another, as well as help you keep your data in sync between your development and production databases. In this article, we will cover the most common database migration commands in Django.

Create models in Django

Here are some examples that can be used to create models in Django. Models in Django are used to create, update and retrieve data by connecting them to databases.

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