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Convert String date to DATE MONTH-NAME YEAR format php

To convert a string to a formatted date you can use the date() method in PHP
    $date_str = "10-01-2021";
    $full_date= strtotime($date_str); 
    echo date('d F Y', $full_date); 
    //PRINT- 10 January 2021
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10 January 2021

In the code snippet, we want to convert our date string '10-01-2021' to '10 January 2021'. To do this we use strtotime() method of PHP to convert the date string and then pass its value to the PHP date() function.

You can change 'd F Y' value according to your requirement. Like if you only want month name and year you can use

    echo date('F Y', $full_date);
    //PRINTS- January 2021
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