Lodash - Get index of array item based on some condition

To find an index of an array item based on some condition, you can use _.findIndex of lodash.

const users = [
    { 'user': 'John Deo', 'active': false },
    { 'user': 'Rick Grimes', 'active': false },
    { 'user': 'Negan', 'active': true }

//Find Index where user is - Rick Grimes
const index = _.findIndex(users, function (item) {
    return item.user == 'Rick Grimes';
console.log("User index is : " + index)
// => 1

// Find item index using full object match
const index_2 = _.findIndex(users, { 'user': 'Negan', 'active': true });
console.log("Object index is : " + index_2);
// => 2

_.findIndex Lodash

You can get the index of an item that exists in an array. You can find the item using predicates - a function that invokes each iteration. The basic syntax of this method is as below.

_.findIndex(Array, Predicate, FromIndex=0)

The function returns item index if found else return -1.

Example Demo

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