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How to customize a title in chart.js

Charts are a great way to visualize data, and chart.js is a powerful library for creating them. However, sometimes you may want to customize the title of your chart. This tutorial will show you how to do that.

Assign different colors to each bar of a bar chart in Chart.js

A bar chart is a graphical representation of data that uses bars to represent different values. Bar charts are a popular way to visualize data, and Chart.js is a JavaScript library that makes it easy to create bar charts in web browsers. One common way to customize bar charts is to assign different colors to each bar. This can help to highlight different data values or to group related data values together. In Chart.js, there are a few different ways to accomplish this.

Increase font size of axis labels Chart.js

Did you know that by default the font size of axis labels on Chart.js is quite small? While this is not necessarily bad, we can make it look better.

Change the color of axis labels in Chart.js

Why should your labels be plain old boring black? In this code snippet, I'll show you how to change the color of axis labels with Chart.js.

Show vertical line on data point hover Chart.js

If you want to show a vertical line on the hover of a data point that is in your chart.js graphs, it’s not a straightforward process. Here's how you do it.

Change color of the line in Chart.js line chart

Chart.js is a popular JavaScript library that allows us to easily build charts. In this code snippet, we will cover how to change the color of chart line in Chart.js.

How to add animations in Chart.js

Animations can be easily added in charts created using Chart.js library. To add animation in a chart animations object is passed to the options object of Chart.

Use image as chart datasets background Chart.js

We know that Chart.js uses colors as its background to plot charts. Do you know that we can also use an image as a background for these datasets?

Add a title to the chart in Chart.js

To add a title on the top of the chart, the below code can be used. Chart.js uses the subtitle object to define your subtitle text and style them.

Assign a fixed height to chart in Chart.js

By default, Chart.js maintains the aspect ratio with the width and height of the chart. If you want to assign a fixed height to a chart you can set maintainAspectRatio property to false.

Assign fixed width to the columns of bar chart in Chart.js

If you want to assign a fixed width to the bars of the bar chart created using the Chart.js library. You can use barThickness property of datasets.

Hide scale labels on y-axis Chart.js

In Chart.js, the y-axis shows the scale values based on that the chart is plotted. If you have a requirement to hide these scale values labels, then you can use this code snippet.

Hide label text on x-axis in Chart.js

By default, chart.js display all the label texts on both axis(x-axis and y-axis). You can hide them by using the below code.

Hide title label of datasets in Chart.js

To remove or hide datasets label in Chart.js you can set legend display property to false.

Make y axis to start from 0 in Chart.js

To start the y-axis scale start from 0 you can use the beginAtZero property of Chart.js as shown in the below example.

Assign min and max values to y-axis in Chart.js

You can assign minimum and maximum values to the y-axis in Chart.js. We can do that by assigning a value to the max property to the y-axis.

Remove or hide tooltips on data points in Chart.js

To hide data points tooltips that are enabled by default, you can use the below code in your Chart.js code.

Show data values on charts created using chart.js

If you want to show data values labels on Chart.js, then you can use the chartjs-plugin-datalabels. This will display values on the chart on top or bottom of the chart area.

Hide gridlines in Chart.js

We are describing here to hide gridlines in charts created using Chart.js library. If you are using version 2 of Chart.js, use the below code. For version 3 code scroll more.

Bar chart with circular shape from corner in Chart.js

In this post, we are going to show to make bar chart with the circular shape from corners using a different version of Chart.js

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