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Add items to dictionary in python

We can add a new item to the dictionary by creating a new key and assigning some value to it.
# Define new dictionary
subject = {
    'name': 'Math',
    'marks': '100'

# Add new item to dictionary
subject['code'] = 'M01'

# -> {'name': 'Math', 'marks': '100', 'code': 'M01'}
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To add an item to the dictionary, you just have to assign the relevant data to the relevant key in a dictionary. This is done by enclosing the key and value in braces.

In the above code snippet

1. We have created a dictionary named subject that contains multiple items.

2. We have created a new key 'code' and assigned a value 'M01' to it.

3. Print the dictionary(subject).

If the key already exists inside the dictionary then its value will be updated.

# Define new dictionary
subject = {
    'name': 'English',
    'marks': '50'

# Add new item using update() function
subject.update({'code': 'E01'})

# -> {'name': 'English', 'marks': '50', 'code': 'E01'}
We are using update() function to add new key-value pair in the dictionary(subject). We have added code key and assigned a value E01 to it
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