Get a column rows as a List in Pandas Dataframe

If you are using Pandas Dataframe and want to get all the rows of a column in a List, you can use the code examples explained in this post.

import pandas as pd

my_data = {
  "names": ["Rick", "John", "Carol", "Gibson"],
  "profession": ["Engineer", "Carpenter", "Writer", "marketer"]

df = pd.DataFrame(my_data)


# This will get the list of all the rows in column names
result = df['names'].tolist()



    names profession
0    Rick   Engineer
1    John  Carpenter
2   Carol     Writer
3  Gibson   marketer

['Rick', 'John', 'Carol', 'Gibson']

In the above code example,

1. We have imported the pandas module.

import pandas as pd

2. Created a Pandas Dataframe df from a dictionary.

3. Getting all the row values of the "names" column and converting it to a Python list.


4. If you want to get all the rows of the "profession" column from the Dataframe, you can use below code for that.

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